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The India Energy & Climate Center (IECC) at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy leverages clean energy technology and policy expertise at the world’s top public university, Silicon Valley, and the state of California to catalyze the rapid transformation of energy systems that can deliver significant environmental, economic, and energy security benefits.

We work collaboratively with Indian policymakers and business leaders to design an innovation and deployment ecosystem through tech-informed policy design, capacity building, a leadership dialogue platform and south-to-south collaboration.

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The Challenge

India is facing challenges as it relates to the climate crisis, industrial competitiveness, and energy security. This comes at a time where clean technology costs have dropped rapidly giving India a unique opportunity to leapfrog traditional development trajectories and become a leader in the green economy.

The Approach

The IECC strives to ‘meet the moment’, undertaking a systemic approach to issues of the clean energy transition including industrial competitiveness, energy security, and health benefits associated with emissions reduction. This will be achieved through integrated policy research, that is then translated into engagement with policymakers across different sectors.

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The Mission

Our mission is to power sustainable economic growth for India and the world through tech-informed policy, capacity building, U.S.-India dialogue and south-to-south collaboration.

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Impact Areas

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